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Measures to keep our children and staff safe

We have conducted thorough risk assessments and implemented a number of procedures and policies to keep our children and staff safe. For example;

  • At our entrance, we have an electronic touch free sanitiser
  • We have introduced touchless water dispensers in each playroom
  • All of our children have their own personalised cutlery
  • We have main cohorts of children to reduce transmission across the nursery
  • We have regular cleaning schedules in place which means the nursery touchpoints are cleaned 4 times a day
  • We have purchased outdoor handwashing sinks so that the children can wash their hands before entering the nursery
  • All staff have received infection, prevention and control training
  • We have handwashing sinks in every play area to ensure children have access to these facilities at all times
  • We employ a professional cleaning company to sanitise every day
  • We use disinfectants and cleaning agents which are proven to work against coronavirus
  • In areas we have identified as having less than adequate ventillation, we have installed Air Steril units. These units remove viruses and bacteria from the air.
  • All new parents receive a copy of Covid19 Parent Handbook
  • We teach our children how to wash hands using the correct procedure and show videos to support this
  • We use the Famly app to share the most up to date information with parents instantly
  • We provide a muddy puddles suit for every child to maximise their use of outdoor play