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Access to Free Funded Hours

All children age 3 and over (and eligible two year olds) who live in Glasgow City Council can access their full funded entitled of 1140 hours per year at Pride & Joy Nursery as we are a partner nursery of Glasgow City Council. Parents do not need to pay a deposit or pay for lunches to access their child's funded entitlement. We offer the following options for parents who wish to receive only their free hours (23 hours per week over 50 weeks of the year):

Option 1:

Monday (8 am until 6 pm)

Tuesday (8 am until 6 pm)

Wednesday (8 am until 12 pm)


Option 2:

Wednesday (2 pm until 6 pm)

Thursday (8 am until 6 pm)

Friday (8 am until 6 pm)

Parents can request alternative sessions and if there is a place available we will try to accommodate you. We decided to create two main cohorts of children across the week to ensure we are following the Scottish Government's guidance on the re-opening of early learning and childcare which advises we create consistent groups of children.


Funding for 2 Year Olds:

You can check eligibility for a two year old place on Glasgow City Council website, here:

To apply via Glasgow City Council, click here: