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We use an App called Famly to communicate with parents

FAMLY App System

To provide you with a simple and easy nursery experience we use the ‘FAMLY’ nursery management app.

Through 'FAMLY’ you will have access to an app on your phone (available on Apple and Android) and desktop for you to manage all your communication directly with the manager or key worker and also most importantly have a safe place to see your child’s weekly experiences, learning and development.

We also adopt the FAMLY app as a means of keeping information together where we know it is safe and secure. It also keeps our use of paper down a lot too!

Once signed up you’ll receive your login and we’ll take you through the app during settling in.

Parents receive information about their child's day in real time so need to wonder how their day is going. You can see what they've had to eat for snack or lunch, how much they ate, sleep times, nappy changes, toilet training information, handwashing frequency. We also share photos and videos with parents on a daily basis. The news feed is where you will find all the latest newsletters, policies and other relevant communication.